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National Junior Honor Society

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National Junior Honor Society  (NJHS)

The purpose of this organization is to create enthusiasm for scholarship, to stimulate a desire to render service, to promote leadership, to develop character, and to encourage good citizenship in the students of secondary schools.

Membership in local chapters is an honor bestowed upon a student. Selection for membership is by a Faculty Council and is based on outstanding scholarship, leadership, service, character, and citizenship. Once selected, members have the responsibility to continue to demonstrate these qualities.

One requirement for membership is outstanding scholarship. The minimum scholastic standard for membership in the Coffee Middle School (Douglas, Georgia) NJHS Chapter must be a cumulative scholastic (grade point) average of at least 96.00 earned by the end of the previous year in school. Candidates will then be evaluated on the basis of service, leadership, character, and citizenship. Membership will be extended on a year to year basis based on the achievement of the required minimum cumulative scholastic average earned by the end of the previous year in school.  

Each chapter will choose one or more service projects for each year. All members are required to participate in at least one service project per year. The chosen projects will have the following characteristics: Fulfill a need within the school or community; have the support of the administration and the faculty; be appropriate and educationally defensible; be well planned, organized, and executed. Each member will have the responsibility for choosing and participating in a chapter service project that reflects his or her particular talents and interests.


Motto: Light Is the Symbol of Truth 

Official Colors: Blue and White

Official Flower: White Rose