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Imagine Me

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About Imagine Me


                                               What is Imagine Me?

  Empower girls to become future leaders in the community

  • Serve as role models for other students
  • Taught how to be self confident
  • How to be physically and emotionally healthy
  • How to become a strong and competent woman

 When did the program begin? How many students are currently being served?

October 4, 2007-program begin

140 are girls are being served ( Coffee Middle School, Satilla, Nicholls and Westside)


Topics discussed in group and Activities

  • Graduation/Academics-received incentives for having passing grades
  • Bullying-made Karma bracelets to remind them to be positive
  • Abstinence/Teenage pregnancy-took baby think it over doll home for one night
  • Nutrition-Dietician came and assisted the girls in making healthy snacks
  • Fitness- An Aerobics and yoga instructor gave girls a lesson and each girl received an aerobic video and yoga mat; also soccer coach taught them basic skills and they were give soccer balls
  • Self-Esteem-Hygiene baskets were given; they choreographed and performed a dance routine and participated in several team building activities
  • Anger management- the girls were given balloons to demonstrate what anger looks like and what can happen if you lose control
  • Peer pressure- scenarios were given to the girls to role play
  • Debunking the beauty myth-made a collage from magazine clippings of things that described them; the collage was framed and displayed in the group room.


Community Service Projects

  • Making and distributing starfish bookmark to all teachers in the system
  • Building teddy bears (stuffing and dressing them) for patients at Egleston Children’s Hospital in Atlanta.
  • Visiting the local convalescent home and giving the elderly ladies manicures

Giving back to the community teaches the girls that work is involved in what they achieve.

Referrals are made by

1. Principal

2. Counselor

3. Teacher

4. Mental Health

5. Department of Family and Children Services

6. Parents


   Donations from businesses, citizens and organizations