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Trojans in Training

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Trojans in Training

Coffee Middle  School has teamed up with Coffee High School to provide mentors for students in the Trojans in Training program. The program is only offered to 8th grade students. The mentor’s role will be that of friend, coach and guide working to complement support the child receives from family members and the school. When a child is referred to participate in the Trojan in Training Program, we match that child with a qualified CHS student who serves as a one-to-one mentor. In order to qualify to become a Trojan in Training mentor, volunteers must, be a high school senior, passing all academics with an 80 average or higher, no discipline referrals, and have been accepted by the Trojans In Training coordinators, Julie Anderson and Pernell Smith. The students are referred by their homeroom teacher. Trojans in Training meets every other Wednesday at 1:45 P. M. in the CMS media center.