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Yearbook Staff

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Yearbook Staff

The CMS Yearbook Staff is dedicated to providing a quality yearbook that we can all be proud of. Each yearbook member will be assigned a specific job. The advisor will select the Editor-in-Chief(s). All other positions will be decided by the editors. It is our hope that you will purchase a yearbook and an ad (8the grade only). We look forward to hearing your comments.

Editor In Chief:

This job may be done by two people, dividing the duties. The editor in chief is responsible for working with the entire staff and for creating a plan to produce a quality yearbook on deadline. The editor in chief will be personally responsible for the cover, end sheets and all theme pages as well as for working with all section editors to make sure their jobs are getting done and that they are providing leadership to those working for them. The leader is also responsible for teaching where needed, reading all copy and captions before they are placed on spreads, editing all spreads before they are sent to the printer, reading and correcting all proofs and getting them returned to the printer on deadline. The editor is responsible for keeping the adviser informed and for asking for help to get the yearbook done well and with staff morale high.

Managing Editor:

The managing editor, who works directly under the editor in chief, handles the jobs assigned by the editor in chief. The managing editor will help with the theme pages, read all copy and proofs, help with corrections, manage deadlines, work directly with section editors and writers, teach desktop publishing as necessary and help set up design concepts for each section, including style sheets and libraries. The managing editor may be responsible for photographers or be a liaison with the photo editor to make sure that photography requests are being handled.

Photo Editor:

The photo editor makes sure that all assignments are shot and on deadline and supervises printing and/or scanning of all photos. The photo editor is responsible for teaching photographers and advising them about how to shoot various assignments. The photo editor must keep an assignment calendar and constantly reminds others about upcoming shoots. Being imaginative, this individual encourages enterprise shooting and shooting of unassigned happenings that would make good visuals of the year.

Section Editors:

These editors are responsible for the development of every aspect of their section. The sections are student life, organizations/clubs, sports, classes, academics and ads/community. All editors are responsible for creating design concept, a coverage plan, sidebar and alternative copy plans. All editors are also responsible for checking the work of those working for them to make sure quality and deadlines are adhered to. Section editors will be responsible for putting all final sections together for proofing.